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Time is certainly not on our side as business owners. We have tons to do to be sure. As the picture on this post suggests we have to start just about that young to get the important things done for our business that need doing. I know I feel that way at times. It is a plight we struggle with all our lives. When students in high school or more likely college we had to learn to balance our time as more and more responsibilities landed on our shoulders. As the owners of company we simply can’t make room for all the time we need to stay on top of everything from taxes to social media.

It is for this reason that business management skills are necessary for every Arkansas business owner from Little Rock to Fayetteville. In many instances it makes the most since to divide and conquer, and for this we hire managers. But even this takes up our time. We need a bit more structure than just farming out the work. Outsourcing can be a big part of the solution, but we still have to keep apprised of all the developments and changes in our industry and day to day affairs of our company. You can find folks to help you establish a Little Rock social media strategy, build a mobile website, blog, make and post videos, build links and mow your lawn. Don’t let a “20 dollar problem” keep you from the business success you really want.

To help with this I am suggesting the following:

Begin by evaluating your needs. It helps to have a handle on all the kinds of responsibilities you have. Sit down and make a list. (Yes, really.) Group them any way you like. (I like colored high lighters myself.)

Let’s assume that since these things made it on the list they are important, but let’s divide them up by what takes up the majority of our time, having to be done more often than other tasks.

The ones that take the most time should be re-evaluated as possible outsource candidates!

Remember that you will still need to keep your finger on the pulse of those activities, but you don’t have to watch them like a hawk if you let a manager handle them for you. Note the parts you need to check on concerning them and move on to the things only you can do. Again, put them in order of which takes the most time. These heavier duties will need to be done more often, leaving time to work in other tasks.

Grab a calendar and start blocking out time, transforming your list into a daily schedule. As you see this mapping out, don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and rearrange to get things workable. Leave room for family needs, appointments, and such.

When you are doing this pay attention to anything you could tackle and get off the list entirely with a little effort. Setting feasible goals like this can help bring your business down to a dull roar. Leave some space to “catch up” on tasks that fall behind. If you do this you will minimize mounting fears that you can’t catch up if the plan steers off course for a bit.

Take time for yourself regularly. Maybe lunch at your favorite restaurant or leave early on Fridays. Something to look forward to that you enjoy. Play a regular round of golf or head to the spa. Something that you can absolutely indulge in so you remember why you are working so hard in the first place.

Another great organizational tip to help you manage your business efficiently is to group your tasks into things that can be done on the phone or while out running errands already. This way they will be handy to take with you on the road to still get things done. Multi-tasking like this can truly help you get a leg up on the list of things that need to be done. A little organization and forethought go a long way.

My number one piece of advice is to pick your needle-mover project the night before. As you leave the office for the evening and lock the door decide right then what the number one thing is you need to do tomorrow. Then, when you come in in the morning, do it first. The most important thing will be done early and all the rest will be gravy!

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